Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's All Too Much

"It's All too much for me to take, the love that's shining all around us" Even though these are the words of the late great George Harrison, I apply them here to my visit last fall to Peru and especially to Machu Picchu.

This is the only picture that proves I was actually there, and I want to thank Nigel Young for passing it along. As many of you know from prevuious posts, I found a spiritual and very lasting peace in Peru. It has nourished me in the last few months and remains in my heart as a place of great power.

Having said that, I wish everyone the best of New Years ... expect the best and take advantage of the possibilities during the 12 days of Christmas. 2006 will only come this way but once. I pass on to you the words of the famed Megan McKenna, ...

"There is an ancient tradition that God gives each of us a gift for each of these 12 days ... but they are wrapped in the new clothes and rags, and papers of Incarnation ... so sometimes it's hard to recognize the gift until you open it, or you miss it, or don't think it's what you had in mind etc. So I pray you are alert to catch the gifts of God these 12 days ... they are always gifts of light and joy and hope ... and may the new year coming towards us be filled with peace, ever more peace for all of us and earth."

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With all the best wishes for a great year, I remain yours in the Lord.

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