Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deo Gratias

Hey everybody ...
I wanted to express a note of thanks for all the great messages I have been receiving this day.

Certainly there is no way to express my true gratitude, as the messages of love have come from so many different folks from a zillion points of my life: through email, phone calls (thanks Mom), cards, and Facebook. I just want to acknowledge that these simple and faithful greetings and wishes are sources of life for me. Each one gives me pause to thank God for you and for the times when our paths have intersected.

Many of you may not know that July 17 is also the day my Dad was called to the Lord in 2008. Above is a photo of him and me, and of course my mother the living saint! I was happy to celebrate Mass in my community this morning and offer the Mass for the memory of my Dad.

So, on behalf of my father and the angels who attend to him, I send a sincere prayer of gratitude for those who contacted me today. Never underestimate the power of one message to wish someone a happy birthday. These are blessings for me, and I use them to give me strength and "Spiritus" for the work ahead this year.

I mean ... how do you think it makes a guy feel when over 80 messages come from friends and family all day long. It's like love overload. Which is kinda what heaven is like. Check out this reminder I get from Facebook, like every 10 minutes or so.

Please keep me in prayer as I do my best to serve the Church and her mission. And say a prayer that my upcoming vacation gives me the rest and recharging of batteries I need for 2011-2012.
Peace to you all.

Patrick Alexis Fairbanks

PS: Check out this past site for a little insight to St. Alexis: St Alexis, July 17