Sunday, May 21, 2006

Free as a Bird

Our group of six are now finished with our tertianship experience, and now we are free to be sent back to work and continue our lives as Jesuits. You may recall reading about our tertianship earlier.

It is the Lord who sets us free with the Truth of His Word. So I am starting a new blog site based on one of my favorite Scripture verses John 8:32 ... "You shall know the truth and truth will set you free." You can find it at

Part of the inspiration for this came from my tertianship experience, but I also felt very moved by the Gospel reading early this morning at St. Ignatius College Prep where I had the pleasure to celebrate Mass with a small group of students during their "post prom" celebration at school. I want to thank them for their faith and for their prayers. They are young people pursuing truth on the road to freedom.

As for me, the freedom of tertianship energizes me to assume a new ministry as Director of Vocations for the Chicago Province Jesuits starting in August. You can see links to those spots on the new blog site too.

Oh, what's the picture above? Click on the photo to enlarge it. It is a masonry symbol on a building at the University of Chicago. The words are written in Greek. Horizontally it reads "Truth" and vertically it reads "Freedom." They intersect on the letter "theta" which is the first letter for the Greek word "Theos", meaning God. God is the Source and End of all Truth and His loving Son leads us to the Freedom of eternal life.