Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Two of Us

This is me with MY DAD, whom I love with my whole heart and soul. Today is Father's Day, and a guy feels a certain responsibility to connect with his Father in ways not usual. So, yes, I called him ... knowing he'd be sitting there at home watching a golf game. Just a few minutes ago, I ended my obligatory chat with Joseph Philip Fairbanks III, M.D. And how grateful am I for his life? VERY. Of course, he wanted to hand the phone off to mom or someone else, but I told him ... "This is all about You!" We exchanged solemn words and sentiments, and then I had to let him get back to watching golf. If it wasn't for my Dad, I wouldn't have a love for card games, a college education, a puppet stage, any siblings, or ... my life! Man, am I glad I have had just that brief time to express my love for my Dad. Hope you had the same chance. Happy Father's Day to all my sibs who are Pops. And thanks to the Father in Heaven for giving me the best there is.

Oh, and let's not forget to wish Happy Birthday to Audrey Ann who was born this day, seven years ago. Shortly after her birth, I had the honor of baptizing her in full immersion: my first. And I sure it was her first as well. I love you Auds, Uncle Pat.