Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slow Down

This is my nephew Andrew, also my godson. Today he is 15 and a young man who enjoys life. This is a shot of him watching the Chicago subway roll past ... too fast. What a blast! And I know he thinks he "hast" to hop on and ride along. He wants to go fast too. All teens do.

So, my words to Andrew are these, which make life last ... Slow Down! Take time for prayer Andy. Listen to birds. Contemplate water. Instead of yelling at your siblings or running away from their madness ... watch them ... ponder what they are ... and thank God you have 'em. Same for your folks. How freaked out would your mom be at the kitchen counter while she's cutting the cheese and you are just staring at her (in prayer) thanking God she's your Mom.
OK, not everybody has a priest godfather, but lucky the ones who do ... like you ... nephew Andrew.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Golden Slumbers

Man, there is nothing like visiting family for a few days of R&R. I am between directing retreats: one at Milford last week, one at Manresa next week. In between I decided to mosey on up here to Minnesota and serve as my nephew Stephen's Confirmation sponsor. What a great time that was Thursday night at the Cathedral in St. Paul. The photo here shows us all smiles (although my sister claims that my smile is more of a goofy face). Notice Stephen's Holy Spirit tie! The Beatles title for this post (Golden Slumbers) refers not only to the great rest I am having here at my sister's house, but also to the this cool juggling video Stephen showed me. My nephews are both jugglers, and so of course the best tune for juggling is "Golden Slumbers" by the Beatles. Check this video out ... OK for now. I'll try to be more committed to this blog. After all, Confirmation is the Sacrament of Commitment.