Monday, March 17, 2008

I Call Your Name

Happy St. Patrick's Day.
If you click on the web link below, you'll be taken to a site called "Orthodox Wiki" it's sort of a Wikipedia for the Eastern Orthodox Church (as distinct from the Roman Catholic Church):

When you click here, you'll see an entry explaining the various saints whose feast are celebrated March 17. Only two are pictured in icon portraits. Apparently two famous saints -- at least they are famous for me. You might find it as curious as I do that March 17 happens to be the feast day of these two prominent saints: one for the West (Roman) and one for the East (Orthodox) -- namely: Patrick and Alexis. I tried to ask my parents why they named me Patrick Alexis and they can't seem to come up with a good explanation, except that I was born on the Feast of St. Alexis, July 17 (7/17), which used to be his feast on the Roman Catholic calendar before Vatican II. I think the name Patrick was just a favorite, and my grandmother was of Irish descent. But get this, today Alexis has no Roman feast, but they still observe Alexis in the Eastern Church ... on March 17. What does this mean for me? Scit Solus Deus. I am not a big fan of coincidence: that "it just so happens." I am more likely to believe ... to have faith that "something else" is happening. I'd rather remain open to see what that "else" has to show. So far it's been kind of cool. Since I was little, I loved toying with the occurrences of the number seven in my life experience (some of you know many of them), and this is just another twist -- only a little more scary. Mysterious! We all know that March 17 is St. Patrick's Feast, but it is still quite the conundrum as to what meaning this day (the 77th day of this year) carries for me, the 7th child of two mysterious parents. Happy Feast of St. Alexis.

I, the LORD, have called you ... (Isaiah 42)

PS: I was really tempted to use as the title for this entry, the famous Beatles song: "You Know My Name, Look Up the Number."