Sunday, December 30, 2007

A beginning

So there I was sitting in Skip and Laura’s apartment having Christmas dinner around the table with family as we all engaged in family conversation. Maybe you saw the picture in my photo gallery at the right. Anyway, we chatted on about the true meaning of Christmas and whatever, like such as ... when Phyllis posed this question: "So Pat, have you ever read the whole Bible?" I wondered, "Uh ... ya mean like cover to cover?" And I replied that I had at one time tried to read the whole Thing but stopped around the book of Judges or something like ... such as. Of course with over 40 years of attending Mass, I am almost sure I ran across a great majority of the Biblical texts, but I can't say I have read "The Whole Thing," as it were ... or like such as. No one else at the table made any claim to having read the whole Bible through and through, so I thought I'd offer a challenge. I told the folks gathered there that I might just look into that idea as a way to start the New Year. Maybe it will be one of my New Year’s resolutions to read the Sacred Scriptures from start to finish. If anyone wants to join me, I'd be happy for the company. We could do something like 10 pages a day or maybe 5 chapters a day, whatever. In any case, I do read the Bible every day anyway, in things such as Mass and prayer, and the Office and others like such as. But still it would be cool, the next time someone (like such as Phyllis) asks me have I ever read the whole Bible cover to cover (Genesis to Revelation) ... Then I would be able to proclaim with pride (which is sort of like a sin) "Yes indeed." So join me if you'd like. The fun begins January 1, 2008 at Genesis 1:1 ...

"In the beginning ..."